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Instrument & Analytical

Speetech has launched a specialized division dedicated to Instrumentation and
Analytical sector including consultancy services such as pre- feasibility study, new
project identification, project feasibility and market study, preparation of project
profiles, pre-investment and market survey, preparation of techno-commercial
report, identification and selection of plant, process, equipment, general guidance,
technical and commercial analysis for setting up new industrial projects. The
services are:
● Analyzer Shelters – design and integration
● Sample conditioning system for gas and liquid
● Analyzer local racks
● Analyzer shelter safety system
● PLC & DCS system integration
● Sample probes, heated and non-heated
● Portable test panel / manual sampler
● Pump skid
● Pressure reducing stations
● Cylinder racks
● Cubicles
● Site installation / supervision of analyzers / instrumentation
● Fabricating and assemblingof all analyzer system
and sub- assemblies .


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