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Product Launch
No matter how good your product is, you still need to promote it for the public to create awareness. We understand how critical it is for your company to launch a new product.  We provide pre-launch and post product launch services thereby making a significant contribution to your marketing cycle.

Pre-Launch Services
Press-release, Promotion, New Product Launch Services,
The Launch meet, Press Release, Guest Management,
Event Management

Post-Launch Services
Journal Ads, Client get-togethers

Custom Built Exhibition
An Exhibition is tradionally a place where your idea or object meets your target audience. We specialize both in Open air and Indoor exhibitions. Give your customers an immissable opportunity to admire your outstanding display of products or services through our exotic structures and stalls.

 Marketing / Road Shows
Our Trained experts can communicate your message via Roadshows and Exhibitions just the way you want.

Conference / Seminars, Incentive Programs Award, Ceremonies.
- Providing new information about your product or company, bringing
People together outside the office setting, Exchanges of ideas, Finding
Solutions to existing problems, launching a new product, Making
National and international presentations.

- Bringing a wide range of people together to exchange information 
And ideas, launch products, Sales recognition, Opportunity to bring
Staffs, sales, Product Launch clients and dealers together.

Private Parties & Celebrations.
Private party which we manage your Birthdays, Wedding, Anniversaries, and Fellowships, Beach house parties and other family events.

Weddings are considered as one of the most sacred and memorable events of one’s life. Every family has desire of celebrating a marriage in a royal and grand way. There are a lot of things involved in making a wedding the most memorable day of our lives. 

We handle everything, from Invitations, to gifts, to designing functions of Mehendi, Engagement, Reception and the Main Wedding. We believe that celebrations should reflect the tastes and personality of the couple, so let us be the best friend that holds your hand through this exciting time and we strive to make them are Royalty.

Office Interior
Interior designing is all about planning any given space for its maximum utilization as per the clients’ requirements both in terms of functionality and ambience.

Corporate Hospitality, Theme Events and Picnic
Corporate hospitality is a vital component, we will ensure that you wow and indulge your guests in a day of luxury and excitement in order to reinforce your position to improve your business performance.

A company picnic which is should be more than just picking a location and choosing few games, it is an event which can help to reinforce the ideals of teamwork and unity that are critically important to any concern or organization of any size. We help you with the professional team for planning and execution of the above.

Gala Parties, Dinners DJ’s & Cocktail Parties
We organize blending elements of style, creativity, image, experience and etiquette; we can deliver you a full comprehensive service for the ultimate to host the events and after dinner speakers.

Live Concert, Entertainers, Fund Raising & Charity Events
We will deliver you the ultimate live concert with an atmosphere to make sure your event goers Fell happy. We work with all the live booking agents that represent the world’s leading DJ’s, Band and Musician and also we arrange celebrities as per the client requirement. Whoever you want, wherever you want them we can deliver you the best in the live entertainment.

Celebrity Management
The management of celebrities of all kinds, ranging from movie stars, sports icons, models, dramatists to high ranking political officers and other public figures. We also handle all VIP arrangements including transportation, holding rooms, security, parking, and special walk-throughs and on-site assistance for them.

Sounds and Lights
These two are the most important ingredients that can create a magnificent impact to your total event. We keep up-to-date with the newest and hottest in professional sound and lighting technologies.

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